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Web, Graphic design, illustrations

I make websites for businesses who would like to establish a web presence with effective graphics.

The following websites are some examples for projects I prepared.

In addition to this website, naturally (:

The topic of micro and nanoplastics in the environment gets more and more attention, so 15 reserarch intitutitions, universities and private companies joined their forces to create the largest european research group in the field so far. This huge consortium is planning to achieve goals like never before. Moreover, they want to share their findings directly with the general public, not just the scientific community. Their website is part of this mission.

Simple plastics is a software package developed for scientific research. It helps to analyze huge datasets of infrared and raman spectra, making the identification of plastic in the samples much faster than it was ever before.

The creators of the algorythm wanted to make their product available for everybody, so they asked me to make a website for this purpose.

This research project focuses on the plastic pollution in the seas surrounding Denmark. This is the first time ever that these waters are investigated for this kind of pollution, so their work is a huge milestone. The website makes results and progress immediately available for the general public.

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