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Wedding invitations

Graphic design, layout

This project is quite personal, since it presents the wedding invitations we made together with my girlfriend for our own wedding. Our goal was to make something clean and unique, therefore developed the design shown on the pictures below. The card is hidden in a lasercut case made of beech, thus each box is different owing to the natural pattern of the wood and the small randomnesses of the laser used for imprinting the letters. The logo-like shape on the left side derives from our initials: M and A. When the guest pulls out the content of the case, two hard-textured pieces of paper appear. One of them is the invitation itself summarizing the main facts briefly, and the other one is a map to help them in navigation. We had lot of fun creating these cards and trying to make them a bit personal for each guest, for example we had to translate the text to three different languages so everybody can understand it.

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